Practice Details and Locations:

The band (in keeping with almost every other pipe band in the RSPBA) operates an open-house policy with regard to its band practices. There is always the chance that a "natural" could walk in the door and prove a life-long asset to us. We, of course, would hope to prove fun and a pleasure to anyone interested in becoming involved at any level by joining, whether as a player or simply a supporter.

Bottom line? If you are interested pop along and say hello - the door is always open!

Please note that occasionally the regular practices may be cancelled due to work, illness, engagements, etc. To prevent any disappointment or wasted journeys we would therefore encourage you to get in touch with one of the Band Contacts before you set out to visit us, just in case. You can inspect the published band calendar here.


The band's regular practice location is now

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) has graciously granted the band the use of some facilities at its Clifton Campus. From January 2008 the band is now able to use the facilities for practice on Wednesday evenings.

January 2014: Arrangements have been made to use the following rooms for the foreseeable future...

            We are currently using the main George Eliot building.
            Please note that the University is undergoing internal alterations
            on the campus and certain one-way restrictions and gated entry points
            are in place. Simply use the button at the barriers to contact Security
            and explain you are entering to attend the pipe band practice.

It is understood that the band falls under the extra-curricular activities of the University and practices shall, of course, be open to any student or staff member wishing to pop along to see what is available (this is in keeping with the band's standard practice policy anyway).


Wednesday evenings:
7.00pm - 7.30pm (learners),
7.30pm - 9.30pm (contest band)

NB: Learners are welcome (indeed encouraged) to remain during the contest practices.


Please click on the following links to help you find the new practices:

NTU Campuses - Clifton Campus is in the bottom left of the map.
Clifton Campus Map - 3D map of the area.
Campus Directions page on the NTU website
Multimap Route Planner - remember, the CLIFTON Campus (NG11 8NS)!

If you need further directions when you enter the campus come to the Main Reception at the George Eliot Building and ask for directions from the security desk to our practice rooms; they should know where we are on any particular evening. If we are not in the George Eliot Bldg we may be in the far side of the Gymnasia building next door - follow your ears! We have found that the gate on the South Entrance to the campus is usually locked on Sundays - if so use the North entrance instead and come all the way round the back to turn in towards the GE Building and Gym area.
It is ok to park in the Staff Car Parks in the evenings.

NOTE: Nottingham TRENT University, NOT Nottingham University - they are completely different institutions!


During our recent lack of permanent practice venue the normal Wednesday evening Pad and Chanter practices were held by kind permission at the Beeston Ex-Servicemen's Victory Club (corner of Station Road and Nether Street). The band would like to express their thanks to the Victory Club for their hospitality and their perseverance with our disruptions to their other clubs over this period. Many band members joined the club as full members and will no doubt continue to favour the excellent (and cheap) bar facilities well into the future!

Beeston Ex-Servicemens Victory Club   Beeston Ex-Servicemens Victory Club   (Click the thumbnails to enlarge)

Beeston Ex-Servicemen's Victory Club,
75, Station Road,
NG9 2AW                (there are route planners on the Links Page)
Tel: 0115 916 2003