Fiona Hedley - Snare Drummer and current Band Chairman

Happy Fiona Chairman Fiona
Previous Band(s):


Biomedical scientist

Year joined Beeston:


Taught by:

Keith Bond, Kevin Wilson and, of course, David & John Wright


HTS 700

Favourite Tunes:

Tough one - Hugh Kennedy ( * see below)

Favourite Band(s):

Vale of Athol and Shotts (for the tenors)

Favourite Drink:

Deuchars IPA

PB Achievements:

CoC Drum Corps two years in a row with Beeston

Favourite Other Music:

Rock/Blues/Bit of everything

Favourite Sports Personalities:

Mikael Renberg (former NHL Ice Hockey player)


Heddles, Bags

Where do you live:
(i.e. how far do you
travel to practice?)


Favourite Contest:

Worlds, closely followed by Cowal

Other Hobbies:

Sleeping and drinking

What animal would you be:


Funny Story:

* Cowal 2007 - several beers after playing... stood next to a band and said "Oh, I like this tune - it's my favourite - can't remember what it's called" only to be informed by our then Pipe Major that it was the march from the MSR we had played that morning!