Fiona Boyd - Band Secretary

Fiona Boyd - Beeston Pipe Band Secretary


Senior Lecturer in social work and social care

Year joined Beeston:



Irish Whistle, spoons and empty beercans! (My daughter Isla is a pipe learner with the band)

Taught by:

Self and Mr McEwan

Favourite Tunes:

Flowers of the Forest, The Skye Boat Song

Favourite Band(s):


Favourite Drink:

Alba Heather ale

Favourite Other Music:

Donovan, Yousaf Islam (Cat Stevens)

Favourite Sports Personalities:

Samantha Warriner (Gold Medal, Triathalon, 2008)


Fi or Boidie

Where do you live:
(i.e. how far do you
travel to practice?)


Favourite Contest:

All I can get to

Other Hobbies:

Reading, community gardening, gym, running and cycling.

What animal would you be:

A big mamma grizzly bear – for all the obvious reasons!

Fiona's Words to the World:

Couldn’t better this:

              ~ Cherokee Prayer ~
                O' GREAT SPIRIT
                 help me aways
           to speak the truth quietly,
           to listen with an open mind
               when others speak,
             and to remember the peace
           that may be found in silence.