A bad day in the history of the band - the loss of Gillian Wright. See Latest News...

Welcome to the WWW homepage of the Beeston & District Pipe Band Society, based in Beeston, Nottingham, England. Whether you are a member, supporter, competitor, potential client or just a lucky, accidental cyberspace surfer we hope you will find something informative and/or interesting here with us. If you enjoy your visit or find something lacking which we might improve for you please don't be shy -

N.B. If you receive a warning message about active code on this page it is just a wee piece of Javascript to place today's date in the top left for you. It is safe to accept it. Honest!

Latest News

Click here for Contest reports, results and other recent news about the band and its personnel.

Please also note: it is now a matter of band policy to NOT disclose members' telephone numbers on this (or any other) website - please see the Contacts Page to make direct contact with a committee member or the Hire Page to make an enquiry about engaging the band.